Checking in at the Crystal Inn

This month we are leaving the world of government contractors to check in at the Crystal Inn.

Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites is a unique, independent hotel chain that is concentrated in the Western Region of the United States. The first Crystal Inn Hotel & Suite opened in downtown Salt Lake City in 1994. Many naysayers believed that its founder and owner Crystal Maggelet did not understand what is important to travelers. But the popularity of Crystal Inn Hotel & Suite's brand of hospitality is evidenced by its success and growth. Crystal champions the staff and leadership in her hotels for their dedication to "delight every guest, every day, one at a time." That mission statement underscores Crystal's high expectations.

Join us on November 19 at 11:30 to learn more about the hotel business and meet with the buyers of the Crystal Inn. To register for the meeting, go here.

Downton Crystal Inn
230 West 500 South