Cybersecurity Continues to be a Critical Issue to Small Businesses

Keeping your business safe from  the world of cyber-hackers continues to be an issue that impacts both small and large businesses alike. There is never one solution and those solutions can change every second. That is why the Salt Lake Chamber has put together and sponsored an annual Cybersecurity Conference.

The Salt Lake Chamber's Cybersecurity Conference has become one of the most renowned chamber of commerce cyber events in the Nation. In order to maintain resilience and remain competitive, Utah's business leaders need to familiarize themselves with this all too pressing issue. The Cybersecurity Conference will lead CEO's, CFO's, HR professionals, and others through the practical skills and foundational knowledge they need to do their jobs well in our modern economy.

Cybersecurity is not just an IT issue, but a general business issue that needs to be integrated into operations. The Salt Lake Chamber encourages you to bring a representative from each of your departments to ensure that security is 'built-in' not 'bolted on'. Overall preventative security measures are far less costly than recovering from the effects of a cyber incident.

For more information on the upcoming conference, go to our events page or directly to the Salt Lake Chamber.