Happy New Year

Happy New Year USDC members. 2016 came in faster than I expected. As the board begins planning for the new year, we want to take a minute and thank all the companies that hosted USDC in 2015. USDC meetings were quite diverse in 2015. We started with a "speed dating" event hosted at IHC. We had a number of companies sitting behind the table just waiting to talk to USDC members about their purchasing policies. We also met with some major contractors such as Autoliv, NASA, and the Space Dynamics Laboratory. Each of these meetings provided us with a wonderful opportunity to network and get to know purchasing agents in those agencies/companies.

We also got down to local business while meeting with Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County buyers. This was by far our best attended meeting. We also hosted a reverse trade show with buyers from many of the state's school districts. We also tapped into two private companies: Coca Cola and Crystal Inn. Our Annual Meeting was held at Zions Bank and we were privileged to hear from Chris Redgrave.

And of course, we can't forget the annual PTAC Symposium where you were able to learn more specifics about being a government contractors. Also at the Symposium, you could meet with almost 100 companies, government agencies and large contractors.

2015 provided our members with some pretty great opportunities to expand your sphere of contacts. We are planning to make 2016 just as great. Hold on to your hats and mark you calendars for January 21st when we will be hosting our January monthly meeting.

Thanks again to everyone who hosted USDC last year or made the meeting arrangements. A special thanks to Jen Scoffield for spearheading the meeting planning for 2015.