July Activities

We normally take the month of July off from USDC meetings because it seems that everyone is busy vacationing or just taking it easy. This year is no different. There will be no official USDC meeting this month. We will return with a monthly meeting on the third Thursday of August. 

That being said, we found a couple of other meetings that you might be interested in. The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Women's Business Center, is hosting a meeting called "Trains, Planes & Automobiles". At this meeting there will be representatives from the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Salt Lake City Airports, and the Utah Transit Authority (UTA). At this meeting you will have the opportunity meet representatives from those three agencies and find out about future planning and purchases.

The second meeting is also next week on July 14th. This meeting will be hosted by Stadler Rail USA and UTA to again share future plans and buying opportunities. If you are interested in attending either or both of these meetings, check our calendar link and find out where you can register.

Otherwise, we'll be seeing you in August for our next USDC meeting.