Positivity Roundup

Be Happy

Whew, 31 positive thoughts for March in celebration of our annual meeting and the Power of Positivity. To finish up the positive thoughts, let's recap some of the ideas that Chris gave us in her presentation. Ideas to help us find more happiness and positivity in our lives. Hopefully, we can use some of these ideas to make our lives more upbeat and happy.

  • Find something to look forward to and visualize
  • List 2-3 areas that bring you joy every day and share it with others (or not). Do this daily for a month
  • Commit acts of kindness
  • Identify personal happiness boosters - music, pets, hanging with your kids
  • Get in motion
  • 5 minutes of meditation a day
  • Less tv - especially violence
  • Spend your money on life experiences verses just spending your money on things
  • Infuse positivity into your surroundings
  • Build your perfect "power song" mix