USDC Organizational Structure and Job Descriptions

  • Board of Directors


Chairman of the Board of Directors 
Vice Presidents 

  • Chairman, elected by the Board
  • Directors, elected by the Membership, companies are elected to the board.
  • Officers, elected by the Board, individuals are elected as officers.
  • Committees, formed by volunteers from the Membership/Associates.
    Associate In-Put Committee Chairs (one from the Minority and one from the Woman business communities) elected by the Board, have one vote on the Board between them.

Job Descriptions

All officers are encouraged to enlist other Officers, USDC Members and Members of the Board to work with them to complete their responsibilities.


Oversees functioning of USDC in general; sets direction for the organization. 
Presides at monthly meetings of major members or joint membership meetings of USDC. 
Arranges for annual audit of USDC financial records by a professional accountant, and review of annual audit by the Board of Directors. 
Reviews financial records with the treasurer on a quarterly basis. 
Coordinates and delegates assignments for planning and staffing USDC Conferences. 
Delegates assignments to other officers. 
Other duties as deemed necessary by the Board.


Presides at meetings of the Board of Directors of USDC. 
Arranges USDC Board meeting times and locations; prepares and distributes agendas for Board meetings with input from other USDC Board members. 
Supports the Associate Input Committee (AIC) by attending monthly meetings and completing tasks as requested. 
Other duties as assigned.


First Vice-President (VP) performs the functions of President whenever the President is unable to do so. 
First VP assists the Meetings & Special Events Committee Leader to carry out responsibilities. 
Second VP assists the Marketing & Outreach Committee and the Membership Committee Leaders to carry out responsibilities. 
Assists with responsibilities of other USDC officers as requested. 
Other duties as assigned.


Has custody of USDC funds and maintains financial records. Deposits funds, performs accounts payable and accounts receivable functions for the organization. Reconciles bank statements and checks on a monthly basis. 
Reports financial information regularly to the membership, such as amount of available funds and recent expenditures. 
Other duties usually pertaining to his/her office or as assigned.


Keeps USDC Charter, Bylaws and Official Documents, including annual audits of USDC finances. 
Issues notices of meetings, on the website, through e-mail and other methods. 
Prepares minutes of USDC Board of Directors meetings and distributes to Board members. 
Tallies votes on motions made at Board meetings. 
Distributes ballots and tallies votes in the election of Board Members and Officers. 
Other duties usually pertaining to his/her office or as assigned. 
Works closely with the data base supervisor (the University of Utah) to update, record, website information. 
Meetings & Special Events Committee Leader 
Coordinates Annual Retreat of USDC Board with the Chair. 
Arranges meeting locations for monthly meetings and coordinates special events. 
Assisted with responsibilities by the First VP. 
Other duties as assigned.

Associate Input Committee Co-Chairs

Attend USDC Board meetings and report input from small firms to the Board. 
Conduct monthly meetings of Associate Membership of USDC. 
Conduct meetings of the AIC. 
Plan programs for monthly meetings. 
Recruit associate members to be part of the AIC. Direct subcommittees: Calling Committee, Treasurer, Meeting and Planning Committee, Membership Committee, others as needed. 
Encourage Associate members to keep their listing current on the USDC website. 
Assisted with responsibilities by the Chair. 
Other duties as assigned.

Special Consultant to AIC

Offers experience & expertise in organizational structure and functioning to AIC Co-Chairs and other officers of USDC. 
May choose to assit with other duties upon request. 
Marketing & Outreach Committee Leader 
Coordinates presentations to government agencies and community groups to educate and inform about USDC. 
Coordinates USDC co-sponsorship of events organized by other entities to benefit minority and women's business development. 
Assisted with responsibilities by the Second VP. 
Other Duties as assigned.

Membership Committee Leader

Coordinates presentations to large companies and special events to recruit members. 
Coordinates efforts by USDC Board to increase participation of member companies. 
Encourages members to keep their listing current on the USDC website. 
Assisted with responsibilities by the Second VP. 
Other duties as assigned.